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7 Class C motorhomes under 25 ft | Finding a Class C for Grandma | 2021 Florida RV SuperShow

While we were at the 2021 Florida RV SuperShow, we met up with Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews to find 7 Class C motorhomes under 25 feet that Rachel’s mom could drive. Below is a list of the Motorhomes we looked at along with a timestamp. RV time Stamps 0:00 Introduction 1:45 Speaking with Matt…

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10 steps to buying an RV during the pandemic | How to find an RV that fits your needs.

Buying an RV right now can be difficult. There is a short supply and prices are up. In this video we discuss the 10 steps we took to find an RV. Following the steps will help you to find an RV right now, not overpay and be not get screwed by the seller. Haylett RV:…

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