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10 things we keep in the RV so we can leave at a moments notice!

We're weekend warriors so that means we don't want to spend a lot of time packing. One of the reasons we bought an RV was so we could store stuff in it and leave on a whim. In todays video we show you what we think are the most important things to store in your…

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7 Class C motorhomes under 25 ft | Finding a Class C for Grandma | 2021 Florida RV SuperShow

While we were at the 2021 Florida RV SuperShow, we met up with Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews to find 7 Class C motorhomes under 25 feet that Rachel’s mom could drive. Below is a list of the Motorhomes we looked at along with a timestamp. RV time Stamps 0:00 Introduction 1:45 Speaking with Matt…

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Rachel empties the black tank | Dealing with the stinky slinky | How to empty an RV black tank

Rachel empties the black tank How to empty an RV black tank Check out Harvest Hosts for free camping at wineries, farms and more: http://harvesthosts.refr.cc/2krazykampers Check out Passport America for 50% off RV parks: http://bit.ly/2kkpassport Check out our other channel, https://www.youtube.com/2krazyketos to see more information on how we lost 200 pounds, what we eat and…

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