The Campers Number One Activity… Hiking!

What the Campers Number One Activity?


But you need to prepare properly when hiking, because safety is always number one. Then you can avoid dangerous situations that may arise.

The number one consideration when hiking is to minimize the weight of the backpack. If you carry only lightweight items when hiking then you will be quite comfortable. It is proper to place some limits on the list of items you can take with you and want to carry on your travel.

Campers who are new to hiking will pack more items than they have to. Because of this, the load on the backpack becomes a hindrance, thus making the advancement on the trail quite slow.

In order to camp and hike, let’s strictly follow some tips for the packing purpose of your trip.

Duration of the Trip

First and foremost is the food and water. How long do you plan to hike? Pack the food and water according to the needs.

For most people water is an issue, as it is quite difficult to survive without water and an average hiker will require at least 3-4 liters of water a day.

The other problem is food, where you need not take at least 2 pounds of it to survive per day. Food won’t be a problem, if you know to hunt or fish, but still you can’t go without it after 8 to 10 days.

The third concern is the shelter. If you are moving along a trip where even hostels as well as hotel inns are unavailable then ensure that you have tents in your hiking gear list. Take the lightest weight compact tent, which should also be able to give shelter and protection for you.

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