Hi, I’m Tiana, I’m a grandma who has made a decision to permanently camp. Well not in a tent, but in an RV, a motorhome to be exact.

I like it very much because I like traveling. And when the need to move on strikes me i can go with that need right away. Seeing new places and doing new things is always an exciting plus. To live life and not be a lump on a log. To be able to choose some destinies for my life.

It’s never boring and that is an important aspect of RV living; Or camping as some people say. I guess they think it’s camping because I’m always at an RV park or driving somewhere to find a spot to park. I have a designated spot that I pay rent for; but when it get’s boring or time to get out of dodge, the road is the only place to be.

When I was younger with a family we used to camp in a tent, and cook over the fire, and sleep under the stars in the summer. Now I look back at the memories and although wonderful memories, it’s sure nice to have comfortable amenities in my mobile unit.

I also have two dogs now that I didn’t before. Having space for them is hugely important. They and I were very grateful when we moved into the motorhome; because we were in my van before that. Talk about cramped, but we made it work. The dogs are excellent company and always know how to brighten up the atmosphere to make it pleasant.

I currently work in healthcare so I’m at an RV park indefinitely. That’s ok, sometimes we need to chill; especially when money is an important factor in the whole picture. Everything costs money.

Although I did have to brave the winter this year instead of flying south. It worked out well. Thankfully no major issues happened.

People who don’t understand the nomad lifestyle ask why don’t I get a house or apartment. Well the main reason is money. It would cost three times as much for rent and utilities plus all my other living expenses. Besides I want to be the landlady. I’ve been the tenant before and all that is totally not my cup of tea. I’ll never do that again.

As for hobbies and interests don’t have any one particular hobby. I suppose I enjoy many interests. I like art, nature, music, travel, internet marketing, reading, theater, travel, spending time with grandkids.

Oh and did I say travel? Mostly I like history and researching subjects online. I feel I have a well rounded life; but am always looking toward new adventures and knowledge so I can learn more. I usually find something that I needed to know.

It’s said that information or knowledge is power. Not sure what kind of power, I’m not into all that. I really only want to share my adventures and hope it brings you some enjoyment in a hum drum day, or any type of day.

So see you in the next blog and keep moving forward. That’s what we do.